Commercial kitchen

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Update time : 2017-03-17 15:03:52
Commercial kitchen, refers to the commercial use of the kitchen or cooking tools.

Concept of commercial kitchen

Commercial kitchen usually includes Cooking heating tool, such as stove: gas stove, steam cabinet, electromagnetic oven, microwave or oven. Processing: doughmaker, steamed bun making machine, noodle machine, cutting machine, meat grinder, pressing juice machine. Disinfection and cleaning processing tool: clean bench, stainless steel bowl, dish washer, sink or dishwasher, disinfection cupboard. For food raw materials, utensil, semi-finished products  at room temperature and low temperature storage tool: flat shelf, rice cabinet, refrigerator, freezer and so on. Usually the corollary tool used in the kitchen is including: Exhaust hood of smoke exhaust system, wind pipe, wind cabinet, fume purifier for treating waste gas and waste water, separation tank and so on. Large food and beverage industry also includes the food elevator. Due to the special sanitary requirements of commercial kitchen utensils, with the social progress, nearly 20 years, kitchen tool in contact with food and raw materials have been widely used in stainless steel, to achieve health requirements.

Classification of kitchen utensils

Division of catering kitchen functional areas: staple food, non-staple food, drysaltery, pickled, pasta, nosh, cold dish, vegetable processing, meat, aquatic products processing, garbage, cutting, cooking, dining area.
Hot kitchen area: gas frying stove, steaming cabinet, soup stove, cooking stove, steam cabinet, electromagnetic oven, microwave oven, oven;
Storage tool is divided into food storage, including the tool under normal temperature and low temperature: flat shelf, rice cooker cabinet, refrigerator, freezer, utensils store part of the spice cabinet, selling all kinds of base cabinet, table, corner cabinet, multifunctional decorative cabinet etc.;
Washing and disinfection tool: cold and hot water supply system, drainage tool, wash basin, dishwasher, high temperature disinfection cabinets, etc., after washing in the operation of the kitchen garbage disposal tool, etc., food waste crushing tool and other tool;
Conditioning tool: mainly conditioning table, sorting, cutting, mixing, modulation of tools and utensils.

Choice of range hood

Range hood is essential to ensure that the kitchen cooking functions. In order to ensure that the smoke exhaust is achieved environmental standards, it must have fume purifier. The main is water curtain, electrostatic and UV purification system. Sewage should be discharged through the sewage oil tank. After separation of solid waste and oil, the go into the sewer. Kitchen environment is relatively closed, it must be set up fresh air system to ensure gas safety and improve the working environment of the kitchen and smoke effect.