Buffet service process

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Buffet service content

1. Display and collect the kitchenware, service fork and spoon, etc. at opening and closing buffet.(Ice cream scoop and cake scoop are best cleaned separately.)
2. Add hot water to the chafing dish before beginning of the meal, added to the 1/3 or so. Then the cooker is opened and the alcohol lamp is lighted, and the temperature of the food is guaranteed.
3. According to the location of food to placed the tableware guest use before meal. Its required to be reasonable and convenient for the guests to take food. At the same time, the food name card should be putted into the food card folder, placed on the right side of the food, to facilitate the guests know the dishes.
4. Ensure the buffet table clean and tidy, make sure that the surface is no water stains, no out of the food, the clamps and dishes are clean and tidy. For Rice porridge and soup, the dish clamp should be ready.
5. Ensure that the marble floor around the buffet table is clean and safe.
6. In the allowed time, be responsible to put the cooking food which is the guests order at the scene to the guests s table.
7. Be familiar with all kinds of food, to introduce and offer help to the guest if the guest ask.
8. Check the color, temperature and quantity of food at any time. Keep in close contact with the kitchen, when you are busy, you should inform the kitchen to add food in time when the 1/3 is left.
9. During meals, constantly patrol the buffet table, to prevent the chafing dish is forgot to heat, replenish and replace the fork, spoon, China, glassware, etc. In time.
10. During patrolling the buffet table, the amount of water in the cafeteria is observed. When less than 1/4, it should be added in time, so as to avoid the phenomenon of dry burning.
11. 10 minutes before the end, should let the regional staff remind guests to prepare.
  1. In 10 minutes before the end of the buffet, should make the alcohol light out at first, electric appliance power off. To achieve energy saving, cost control. Then collect the menu and dishes shelf, classify and put away. At the end of the buffet if there is no guest, the restaurant lights dim.
  2. Withdraw the remaining tableware and put according to the original positions.
  3. Clean up the buffet table. Wipe buffet chafing dish, sweep the floor. Mop the floor when necessary.
  4. Always check all the facilities, buffet tool, if there are any damage, repair timely.
  5. Follow up and complete the temporary task assigned by the superior.

Check the contents before the meal

  1. If there is a reservation, know the team name, number.
  2. To check whether the food card is missing.
  3. There is probably understanding of the types and quantities of food at the buffet.
  4. Furnace temperature.
  5. Whether the kitchen dishes are out of, there is any missing of menu.
  6. Check whether the dishes are known, seasoning is complete.
  7. Check whether buffet tableware is accurate.
  8. Check whether the kitchen utensils are clean.
  9. Check if it is complete with food tableware.
  10. Check if the net cloth, paper towels are ready.