Buffet etiquette

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Buffet etiquette, refers to when people arrange or enjoy the buffet, they need to comply with the basic etiquette. In particular, buffet etiquette is divided into buffet arrangements etiquette and buffet enjoyment.

Preparatory stage

The etiquette of buffet arrangement is the normative practice of a buffet organizer when preparing a buffet. Generally speaking, it includes the time for preparing meals, the location of the meal, the preparation of the food, and the hospitality of the guests.
Meal time
In business, in accordance with established practice, most of the buffet was arranged in a variety of formal business activities, as part of its subsidiary, and rarely independent alone into an activity. In other words, the business buffet is common in a variety of official activities for  guests, and should not be used as a formal business activities.
Because the buffet is held after the formal business activities , and therefore the specific time is restrictions by the formal business activities. However, it is rarely scheduled to be held in the evening, and each meal time should not be longer than an hour.
Conventionally, it is not restricted on the meal time on the buffet. As long as the owner announced the start for the meal, we can start eating. Throughout the meal, diners can eat optionally, no need to have to wait for arrived before the owner to announce the start for meal. In the buffet, it is not like a formal banquet, as a unified exit, not allowed to "give up halfway." Diners as long as they feel enough to eat, and greeted with the owner, then they can leave at any time. Usually, the buffet is no official to come forward to declare its end.
In general, the organizers if plan to guest as buffet, it is best to advance in an appropriate way to inform them. At the same time, we must pay attention to non-discriminatory, that is not arranged part of the guests with a buffet, and arranged the other part of the guests to participate in formal dinner.
Choose a buffet dining location, no need to be so serious as a banquet. It is important that it can accommodate all the people for dining, but also to provide adequate communication space. According to the normal situation, buffet arrangements can be carried out indoors or outdoors. Usually, it is most likely to be held in large-scale restaurants and open-air gardens which is owned by the organizer. Sometimes, you can rent, lend the similar place.
When choosing and arranging the dining place for buffet, the following three points should be noted. First, to provide some space for diners. In addition to the area where is putted the dishes are served, there should be a distinct the area at the buffet's dining area. This area, do not look too small. Taking into the actual number of meals tend to have a certain degree of flexibility, the actual number is difficult to determine, so the dining area would be rather bigger. The second is to provide sufficient number of tables and chairs to use. Although the real buffet is supplied  enough chair and desk. But in fact, many of the diners, especially the elderly and infirm people,they expect to have a temporary rest place during their meal. Therefore, a certain number of tables and chairs should be placed in advance at the dining place for diners free to use. In the outdoor dining, to provide the enough umbrellas, it is necessary. The third is to make dining feel pleasant at the dining environment. Selecting dining place, not only pay attention to area, cost, but also take into  the safety, health, temperature and humidity problems. If during the meal guests were smell, overheating, overcolding, poor air, or too crowded, obviously will affect each other on the overall evaluation of the buffet.
Food preparation
In the buffet, the food provided for the diners, both common, but also personality. In order to meet the different tastes of the diners, it should be possible to make the food rich in variety; in order to convenient for the choice of diners, the same type of food should be put into the same  place.
Its personality is that at different times or treat different guests, the food can be focused on specific varieties. Sometimes, it is mainly cold dishes; sometimes, it is mainly desserts; sometimes, it is mainly tea; Sometimes, it can be mainly wine. In addition, some seasonal dishes or special dishes can be arranged as appropriate.
In general, the buffet of food on the variety should be more. Specifically, the general buffet on the supply of dishes should generally include cold dishes, soup, hot dishes, snacks, desserts, fruit and drinks, and several other types. Usually, the cold dish is salad, mud, frozen child, sausage, ham, beef, pig tongue, shrimp pine, roe, duck eggs, and so on. The soup is red soup, oxtail soup, jade millet soup, hot and sour soup, Sam Sun soup, and so on. The hot dishes are fried chicken, fish, barbecue, pork, fish, potato chips, and so on. The dimsum is bread, buns, hot dogs, fried rice, cakes, cookies, chocolate frame, sandwiches, hamburgers, pizza, and so on. The dessert is pudding, fruit row, ice cream and so on. The fruits are bananas, pineapple, watermelon, papaya, citrus, cherry, grapes, apples, and so on. The drinks are milk, coffee, tea, cola, fruit juice, mineral water, cocktails. When preparing food, be sure to pay attention to ensuring supply. At the same time, we must pay attention to food hygiene and hot dishes, hot drinks, insulation problems.

Meal stage


The etiquette of enjoying the buffet , is mainly refers to participate in the buffet with dinners identity, which need to follow the specific etiquette. In general, in the buffet etiquette, the enjoyment etiquette of buffet for the majority of people, often is even more important. Typically, it involves the following eight points.

Line up to take food

In the buffet, although the dinners need to take care of themselves, but that does not mean that he can be unscrupulous. In fact, at the meal , as diners often come in droves, we must consciously maintain public order, pay attention to who first come and who later come, line up to use food. Do not allow to hustle and not allowed to line up. Before taking food, you must prepare a food plate. When it is his turn to take food, it should use the common utensils to take the food into their own food plate, and then should quickly leave. Do not hesitate in front of the food, should not pick the food, or even take food with their hand or own dishes.

Return the cutlery

In the buffet, since emphasize the self-service on the diners, then we must keep this in mind, and seriously put into action during the buffet. Self-service is emphasized in the buffet, not only requires the diner to take the dishes by self-help, but also requires the diners be good from beginning to end, consciously put the tableware to designated place. In general, the buffet mostly requires the diner to put the tableware together before leave the dining site, and then be sent back to the designated location. This is especially the case when you have a buffet in the garden. Its not allowed to put the utensils conveniently, and even arbitrary damage to tableware. When seating in the restaurant, sometimes left the tableware on the table then left, while the waiter is responsible for packing. That being said, it would be better to sort them out  before you leave.