Stainless steel trolley

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Update time : 2017-04-19 17:01:14
Stainless steel service trolley, also known as line trolley, made of carbon steel / stainless steel skeleton, wire mesh plate, steel column and anti-static nylon wheels made of stencils at the four corners with adjustable adjustment and adjustment slot, light and flexible, Separated by one inch concave groove and the joint piece protruding coil with the assembly, according to the need to adjust the required height and effective discharge electrostatic charge and other characteristics, fast adjustment, easy to use. Sturdy and durable, the board sub-network and plate two, bridge-type structure, load-bearing distribution evenly.

Stainless steel trolleys, stainless steel hanger, stainless steel hanging wardrobe, wire mesh shelves, stainless steel table, stainless steel table, stainless steel Stainless steel table) has the following characteristics:
Product Features:
1, the car all made of stainless steel Seiko, double-sided push hands, with anti-corrosion, rust, easy to clean and so on. Beautiful appearance, reasonable design;
2, the car wheels for heavy design anti-static carbon fiber caster, four with a brake caster;
3, the car load: 200 kg.
Custom features:
1, the car can be customized according to need one-sided or double-sided push hands;
2, the car can be deployed according to the need to brake the number of caster.
3, the car can be customized according to customer needs a variety of sizes.