Food and beverage service

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Update time : 2017-06-12 11:35:59
Catering services: service quality, service level is not only related to the level of the hotel's benefits, reputation, but also related to the survival and development of the hotel. In the institutionalization, procedures, standardization to the personalized, diversification of the process, we are pursuing the service goal is "harmonious service."

The so-called harmonious service, is to the waiter's family, skills, efficiency, knowledge and good cultivation, expression and reflect the service style, is a harmonious embodiment of the relationship between the customer. Specific performance: the standard and personality of unity, fast and secure unity, enthusiasm and etiquette of unity, kind and elegant unity, defensive and flexible unity.

The current situation of the development of the catering industry is very grim, large-scale fast-food chain enterprises in the first half year-on-year growth rate remained at around 10%, the new store expansion plan to complete the proportion of only 20% -30%, local fast food brand profit of less than 8%. Dinner enterprises slowed down significantly, Guangdong, Hainan, Hunan and other enterprises and even appear overwhelmed by the overwhelming, or external leasing, transfer. In addition, the hot pot business in the first half of the flat rate reached a record low.

In 2006, China's food and beverage consumption for the first time exceeded the trillion yuan mark, reaching 10345.5 billion yuan, an increase of 16.4% over the previous year net increase of 145.8 billion yuan, 16 consecutive years to achieve double-digit growth, and reform and opening up The initial 1978 compared to an increase of 188 times.

In 2007, the development of China's catering industry reached a new level, with annual retail sales reaching 1235.2 billion yuan, an increase of about 2006.5 billion yuan over the previous year, an increase of 19.4% over the same period last year, an increase of 3 percentage points, accounting for retail sales of social consumer goods A total of 13.8%, boosting the total retail sales of social consumer goods increased by 2.6 percentage points, the total retail sales of social consumer goods contributed 15.6%. The rapid and sustainable development of China's catering industry shows that under the background of social demand and economic development, the overall scale of the industry is expanding and the status and role in the national economy have been greatly improved and strengthened.

From January to November 2008, the retail sales of the country's accommodation and catering industry reached 1,395.51 billion yuan, up 24.9 percent year on year, and the chain was basically flat, up 6.1 percentage points from the same period of last year, accounting for 14.2% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods in the same period. Total retail sales of social consumer goods increased by 3.5 percentage points. In November, the national accommodation and catering industry continued to maintain rapid growth, retail sales to achieve 137.66 billion yuan, an increase of 25.1% over the same period last year to speed up 3.5 percentage points, but down 6.6% over the previous month.

Food service can only be used once, on the spot to enjoy, that is only when the guests enter the restaurant after the business can be carried out, when the guests leave the service will naturally terminate.

Catering industry in the service utility is invisible, it is different from the fruit, vegetables and other tangible products, from the color, size, shape, etc. can determine its quality is good or bad. Catering services can only be assessed by the guests to buy, consumption, enjoy the service after the personal experience to evaluate its good or bad.

Differences in catering services on the one hand refers to the food service is by the food sector staff through manual labor to complete, and each staff due to age, gender, personality, quality and cultural aspects of different, they provide the guests Catering services are not the same, on the other hand, the same waiter in different occasions, different times, or face different guests, their attitude and service will have some differences.

The general industrial and agricultural products produced, mostly through a number of circulation links in order to achieve the hands of consumers. If the product in the factory before the quality inspection failed, you can rework, in the store you do not think the goods can not be interested, and food products are different. Its production, sales, consumption is almost synchronous, and therefore between the producers and consumers is face to face service, face to face consumption.