Do a good job in commercial kitchen only four steps

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Update time : 2017-02-10 10:52:50
Today, the commercial kitchen industry is developing rapidly. All kinds of energy saving, automation innovative products emerge in an endless stream. Industry competition is fierce. On the Shanghai International Hotel Supplies Fair at April this year, there are more than 2200 exhibitors, 200 thousand square meters exhibition area, This is no doubt that is an unprecedented industry event. But in fact, insider clear that commercial kitchen industry is still in the astable stage. For example: the standard of <Limited values and energy efficiency grades of commercial gas stoves> was implemented by The State Quality Inspection Administration and the National Standard Committee on 2015.01.01, many of the existing commercial kitchen heating efficiency is not up to the mandatory standards of the state. So in the rapid development of the industry and the absence of industry oversight, what should be done in order to stand out in the competition of the market? In fact, only four steps.
One, the core technology is the foundation
Especially the commercial kitchen industry, a stable and practical technology is the basis of the business enterprise. Due to the different use of the kitchen utensils and the use of the environment and habits, the commercial kitchen utensils stability of market demand is particularly high. A small fault could result in the thousands of loss for hotels. Remember a people once asked Ma Yun, how to look at Alibaba and Tencent? Ma Yun said a very classic words: If Tencent stops running for 10 minutes, you can't chat and play games for 10 minutes. If Alipay stopped for 10 minutes, the money you are transferring will be in danger. This shows that the requirements of Ma Yun on product technology.
A mature technology must be stable and practical. For energy saving commercial kitchen utensils, a few years ago, there is an infrared ceramic plate heating technology has been applied to the commercial gas stove, this technology can achieve better energy efficiency. In other industries also have a certain application basis. Suddenly whipped up a storm of energy saving. But in the kitchen, the ceramic plate is easy to damage. Almost two months to repair and replace. Hotel costs increase and suppliers also feel that after sales maintenance costs are too high. In the end, this technology can only stay in the negative example textbook.
Two, to understand the needs of customers
In modern marketing, the essence of marketing is to meet the needs of customers. Especially in the commercial kitchen, we will face a different group of customers. There are government agencies, star hotels, restaurant chain, boite and small restaurants, food stalls and so on. So be sure to understand what the customer needs.
Three, improve service quality
With the rapid development of the Internet industry in recent years, transactions between people become more and more simple, frequent. The industry customer service requirements are also getting higher and higher. Any service that is not satisfied can be forwarded to the Internet information platform. Such as WeChat, micro-blog, etc. So as to form a rapid spread. So now it must have a successful service quality who want a successful business.
Four, establish a good corporate culture
Enterprises want the long-term development, healthy development, it must pay attention to enterprise culture. Pay attention to enterprise culture is pay attention to the staff. Let the new employees are willing to come to work, the employees are willing to work hard, the employees do not want to leave work. Every enterprise culture is not the same.
Generally speaking, the future of commercial kitchen industry is certainly good, but the process is tortuous. Want to do a good job in this industry, we need to work together.