Learn about the origin of buffets from the chafing dish

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Update time : 2016-11-18 15:31:25


Today, more and more people like buffet, not only it is very affordable, but also it is simple and convenient, no matter how many people, all are free to enjoy. In the rapid development of buffer today, the general people  do not need to spend a lot of money then will be able to enjoy the valued  buffet service. When you go to the hotel for buffet, you will see a lot of top grade buffet chafing dish, these buffet chafing dish is also known as buffet stove. At buffet, most people will hear the name of buffet stove, but do not know in which is buffet stove, hardly realize buffet stove is chafing dish. The English name of chafing dish is buffet stove, is a collective dining occasions (troops, schools, hotels, cafeterias and cafeteria, etc.) and a good gathering of casual dining, its the buffet culture that is brewing the unique containing utensils, pay attention to the quiet, integration and freedom of a novel diet culture.


According to legend, this was the first used for meal for pirate, so far there are still many buffet restaurants are named "pirates" around the world. The pirates are rude and unrestrained in their dining habits, they hated the rituals and only request the restaurant to put all the meals and drinks they need on the table, then they can eating unscrupulous. This special of pirates for eating was initially a uncivilized  action, but over time, people think this approach has many advantages for customers, the meal without any constraints, its arbitrary. For the hotel operators, eliminating the customer's desk service, naturally eliminating the  labor and manpower, it can reduce the use of waiter services and  reduce the cost of employment for enterprises. Therefore, this buffet-style meal service quickly popular in Europe and the United States, and as people  pursue to food, the buffet is developed for various theme buffets. Such as: Valentine's Day buffet, Christmas buffet, weekend family buffet, celebration buffet, wedding buffet, food festival buffet, etc .


Although the buffet is originated by the pirates, but the buffet was first used by Japanese Showa 33 (1958) Tokyo Imperial Hotel, all the food were on the table, the guests choose the food they liked, this style is very popular. With the spread of Western food to China, the buffet was also brought to China. This kind of dining style appeared in the hotel which is opened by foreigners in China on 1980s, thats make it really contact with the Chinese people, in the end of 1980s, with China's opening up, the buffet was popularized to food and beverage market by the emerging tourism joint hotel in China. The buffet is popular in consumers, especially for young people and children, because of its various forms, rich dishes, comprehensive nutrition, low price and simple meals. Buffet with its unique charm is gradually thrive.


The chafing dish, with its high quality and versatility, is loved by many hotels and guests. Its shape and size is distinguished by the weight of the meal, round chafing dis is for a single for a person used; square chafing dish is double for two people used; if more people, there is also a multi part chafing dish. Guests come to the hotel to eat buffet for  affordable and enjoyment. Today, chafing dish has been used in many five-star hotel, the hotel can also choose the right type products to provide guests with delicious buffet based on their own situation,. As chafing dish generally is alcohol heating, so it is placed with its own alcohol stove card slot.
Because of the relatively with high risk of alcohol, so now the star hotel has basically abandoned to use liquid or solid alcohol for insulation, but they use the environmental oil for buffet heating.