How to find the good quality hotel supplies supplier?

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Update time : 2019-03-16 15:20:02
The purchase of hotel supplies is a very complicated job. Hotel supplies products are diverse. How to do a good job in hotel supplies is a very stressful job. At present, the purchasing mode of hotel supplies is mainly divided into the following three aspects:

1. Hotel Supplies Center
Nowadays, many hotel supplies center have sprung up, and the person in charge of hotel procurement does not necessarily make this excitement. More and more purchasing managers have this feeling. Visit the hotel supplies center is the busiest and most tired. The reason is very simple, the occasion area is large, and there are many merchants. If you don’t focus on running without aim, it’s not only very tired, but the effect is not good. At the same time, the merchants in the hotel supplies center are not cost-effective because of the high rents and various operating costs. 

2. One-stop hotel supplies supplier
This is a new model of hotel supplies supply in recent years, similar to a reduced version of the "Hotel Supplies Center", just to make up for the many drawbacks of the hotel supplies center. One-stop suppliers will select their own products to form a more complete supply plan, eliminating the trouble of the hotel itself. At the same time, the hotel corresponds to a supplier and is also beneficial to accountability and after-sales protection.

3. Factory direct sales
Factory direct sales have reduced the cost of product circulation, which can be said to be the most cost-effective procurement channel. This is beyond doubt. However, its shortcomings are also obvious, that is, there are too many kinds of hotel supplies. If the hotel supplies any products, then the manufacturers will face a lot of work costs and labor costs. Moreover, after-sales service will become difficult to manage; at the same time, many manufacturers have insufficient market capabilities, and some may not have marketing channels such as websites and stores at all. It is also difficult to find the most suitable manufacturers.