How to cook chicken cream mushroom soup?

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Update time : 2019-05-27 11:25:42
The practice of chicken cream mushroom soup is not difficult, the key is to [fried flour], to make it loose granules, which is the key to it as a soup!

Ingredients: 100g chicken breast, 2 bacon, 8 mushrooms, half a white onion

Seasoning: butter 20g, whipped cream 50g, salt 5g, black pepper powder a little

Fried flour: butter (fried flour) 20g, flour (medium flour) 50g, water 800ml


1. Preparation: Chop the chicken breast into a fine velvet. Cut the bacon into small pieces, slice the mushrooms, cut the white onions into small pieces, and set aside.

Tip: If you have chicken stuffing, you can use it directly.

2, Saute ingredients: the pot is slightly hot, turn off the heat, put 20g butter. After it has melted, open a small fire, put in the mushroom pieces, bacon slices, onion and chicken, stir fry until the chicken is discolored and the mushrooms are out of the water.

Tips: It is very easy to paste with butter, so the firepower must be controlled a little, the cooking time will be relatively extended, and you need patience.

3, Fry the flour: wash the pot (or take another pot), turn off the heat, turn off the fire, put the remaining 20g butter, wait until it is all melted, put the flour, do not open the fire, let the flour and butter roughly Evenly, then open the fire, while frying and gently rolling with a shovel, fry the flour into coarse granules.

Tip: The ideal state of “fried flour” is granules, not dough.
       If the temperature of the butter is too high, it will form a dough quickly after being put into the flour, so be sure to turn off the butter and then mix the butter and flour. While frying, while frying the agglomerated flour, you can fry it more loosely. status.

4, Thick soup: pour 800ml of cold water, while cooking with medium and small fire, while constantly stirring with the egg beater, the noodle soup is boiled to boiling, and there is no agglomerated flour particles.

Tip: Add ordinary cold water, otherwise the flour may be cooked and agglomerated. No eggbeater can be stirred with three chopsticks.

5, Seasoning: pour the ingredients just fried, stir evenly, boil, pour the light cream, stir evenly, then cook for about 1 minute. Sprinkle with salt and black pepper before seasoning.